The Differences Between Acrylic Paintings and Oil Paintings

Abstract original paintings will typically use either acrylic paint or oil paint. Both paints can be used to create beautiful art, but there are slight differences between the two types of paint. Learn more about the differences between acrylic paintings and oil paintings.  Acrylic Paint vs. Oil Paint Oil paint uses natural oil as its base, while acrylic paint is synthetic and uses water as its base. In both cases, you will combine the paint with the base to get the desired thickness.

Everything You Need To Know About Climate-Controlled Storage For Art

Ars gratia artis. Art for the sake of art. Art collectors have been spouting this phrase for centuries. While it may be emphasizing the intrinsic value of art, it does not address the problem of storing art properly when you run out of room to hang it. If you need climate-controlled storage for your art, here's what you need to know. What is climate-controlled storage? Climate-controlled storage is a temperature and humidity-regulated environment that is specifically designed to store sensitive items.