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Everything You Need To Know About Climate-Controlled Storage For Art

Ars gratia artis. Art for the sake of art. Art collectors have been spouting this phrase for centuries. While it may be emphasizing the intrinsic value of art, it does not address the problem of storing art properly when you run out of room to hang it. If you need climate-controlled storage for your art, here's what you need to know.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage is a temperature and humidity-regulated environment that is specifically designed to store sensitive items. These units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level to protect your belongings from damage caused by fluctuations in the weather.

Why is climate-controlled storage important?

Art is susceptible to damage from changes in temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled storage protects your artwork from these fluctuations, keeping it in mint condition. Furthermore, art that is properly stored in a climate-controlled unit will retain its value better over time.

What are the benefits of climate-controlled storage?

There are many benefits to storing your art in a climate-controlled unit, including:

  • Preventing damage. Extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause irreparable damage to your art.
  • Maintaining value. Art that is properly stored will retain its value better over time.
  • Protecting against pests. Climate-controlled storage units are also designed to keep out pests, which can damage your artwork.

How do you choose a climate-controlled storage unit?

When selecting a climate-controlled storage unit, you should consider the following factors:

Type of artwork. The type of artwork you are storing will determine the size and type of unit you need. For example, if you are storing paintings, you will need a unit that is large enough to accommodate them.

Climate needs. Different types of artwork have different climate needs. Make sure to choose a unit that can maintain the specific temperature and humidity levels required by your artwork.

Accessibility. You should also consider how often you will need to access your artwork. If you plan on accessing it frequently, choose a unit that is easily accessible.

Additionally, you should always visit the storage facility and inspect the unit before storing your artwork. This will ensure that the unit is clean and in good condition.

What are the costs of climate-controlled storage?

The cost of climate-controlled storage varies depending on the size and type of unit you need, as well as the location of the storage facility. Units near large cities will cost more than those located further away. However, you can expect to pay more for climate-controlled storage than for regular storage.

Do you need insurance on art left in a climate-controlled storage unit?

Yes, you should always insure your artwork when storing it in a storage unit, regardless of whether or not the unit is climate-controlled. Your homeowner's insurance policy may not cover your artwork while it is in storage. You should check with your insurer to understand exactly what your insurance needs are. You can also purchase a separate insurance policy for your stored belongings.

In conclusion, climate-controlled storage is a great way to protect your artwork from damage. It is important to choose the right unit for your needs and to insure your belongings.