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Three Music-Themed Picture Frames

Framing a special picture in a plain frame is a popular choice for many people, but it can also be fun to look for a frame with a unique design. One option is to choose a frame that has a design that ties into the content of the picture you will be framing. Once you have chosen the picture, you can then begin to browse the frames at a local shop. If you have a music-themed photo—perhaps a picture of your child performing at a school recital or winning an award at their music school banquet—you can look for a music-themed frame. Here are three stylish options.

Music Notes

You can often find picture frames that feature a design of music notes, which can be a good frame choice for a music-themed picture. These frames can vary. On a landscape-oriented frame, there may be a series of notes on the top and bottom parts of the frame, for example. You may also see frames that have music notes around their entire perimeter. These frames can appear in several different colors, but a light-colored frame with dark notes—which has an appearance that is somewhat reminiscent of sheet music—can be a good option.

Musical Instruments

Lots of stores that carry a wide selection of picture frames have frames that depict one or more musical instruments. Some frames feature renderings of a specific instrument numerous times around the frame. Others have a larger rendering of an instrument on the top or bottom of the frame. If your family member in the picture is playing an instrument such as the piano, flute, or drums, see if you can find a frame that features the instrument in question. It will tie in well with the picture's content, creating a cohesive look.

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics can also appear on various picture frames, which may appeal to you if your picture features a family member who is a vocalist. You can find frames with lyrics from classic songs, hymns, and other compositions, so you can browse the store's inventory and find a design that you feel will appropriately suit the picture. For example, if you have a photo of your child singing in the church choir, a line from a popular hymn might be a good choice for your picture frame.

Look for these and other music-themed picture frames at a frame shop in your area.