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The Differences Between Acrylic Paintings and Oil Paintings

Abstract original paintings will typically use either acrylic paint or oil paint. Both paints can be used to create beautiful art, but there are slight differences between the two types of paint. Learn more about the differences between acrylic paintings and oil paintings. 

Acrylic Paint vs. Oil Paint

Oil paint uses natural oil as its base, while acrylic paint is synthetic and uses water as its base. In both cases, you will combine the paint with the base to get the desired thickness. 

Oil paint applies thicker, and it has a glossier finish. Acrylic applies thinly, and it has a matte finish.

Pros and Cons of Oil Paint 

The majority of artists prefer oil to acrylic given the choice due to the dynamic effects created by the paint. Many people also prefer the glossier finish to oil paint. Oil also creates a natural barrier on top of the paint, allowing it to come into contact with additional paint without disturbing the bottom layer. The film also protects the painting, allowing it to last much longer than acrylic under the right conditions. Furthermore, oil paint is natural, and it's been used by artists since the beginning of artistic expression.

Oil paint, however, costs more than acrylic paint. It also takes forever to dry. Additionally, you'll need solvents to remove oil paint from your brushes, and oil paint will stain longer than acrylic paint.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Paint 

Acrylic paint is significantly less expensive than oil paint, making it the more appropriate choice for newbies and experimental projects. It can also help artists sell their work at a lower price point than if they used expensive oil paint. Acrylic paint also cleans up more easily than oil paint (as long as you catch it before it dries). Acrylic paints dry quickly, which means less potential for damage to the artwork, and you'll get to hang it up more quickly. However, you'll need to be careful not to let the paint dry while you paint. 

Abstract acrylic artwork won't last as long as abstract oil paintings, devaluing the work. Furthermore, acrylic paint doesn't produce the same detail in the paint as oil. Many people prefer the gloss finish to oil paint better, too. 

When looking at abstract paintings for sale,  you should ask if the artist used acrylic paint or oil paint. While both are beautiful and worthwhile, you may approach the transaction differently based on the type of paint used.