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5 Reasons High School Football Players Should Take Hip Hop Dance Classes

Other than an entertaining half-time show, hip hop dancing may not to seem to directly correlate with the world of football. However, if you're a high school football player looking to improve your skills, then a hip hop dance class may be the next best way to step off the sidelines and get some effective time on the field. Hip hop dancing is not just a free flowing movement class. It is full of discipline, training, and a number of skills that can transition over to football. If you're looking to improve your prowess on the field, then consider the following five advantages of joining a hip hop dance class.


Running up and down a 100 yard field can be exhausting, especially when going through long drives or playing on special teams where running at high speeds is the norm. A hip hop dance class can help improve your endurance on the field. After taking class for a few months, you will be able to move longer without getting winded and retain energy on the field. This occurs because, in hip hop class, you are slowly building up your endurance. Some dance songs can last for five to six minutes. This includes non-stop dancing and movement. As you train in the class, you will build up this endurance by learning small sections of the dance, mastering these sections, and then putting them together. The more you dance, the better you'll get, and then you can take those skills to the football field.


Football may be rough, but there are a number of positions where flexibility is key. In a hip hop dance class, you will perform moves and rotations that can slowly improve your flexibility and make you more agile on the field. For example, if you are a defensive lineman, you may learn a hip hop dance move like The Matrix. The move requires you to bend backwards almost like a limbo. As a lineman, you can use this flexibility to swing around the offensive linemen and get penetration on the quarterback.

Other positions can also benefit from an improvement in flexibility. A running back can learn footwork to weave up and around opponents as they head to the end zone. Nothing needs to be forced, either. The natural movements in the class can help build up these skills.

Breathing Techniques

Hip hop dancing is a true discipline. As you learn to move on the dance floor, one of the focuses will be breathing techniques. Proper breathing can help you keep breath, move smoothly, and ensure that you are not overworking your body. A variety of techniques include properly pausing and breathing in rhythm with your movements. These same techniques can transition well on the field. By learning proper breathing techniques, you are less likely to get winded on the field or need a substitution.


Proper teamwork is essential both on the field and on the dance floor. When taking a hip hop class, you will work with partners on moves and dances together. Whole classes often have to dance in the same rhythm so that everyone looks uniform. The teamwork training can help you when developing plays or signals on the field. By taking hip hop dance class with other teammates, you can bond even further and improve performance on the field.

Off-Season Training

Hitting the weight room over and over again in the off-season can become mundane and repetitive. Add some fun to your off-season training with a hip hop class. These classes can help you maintain a regular schedule and encourage a fit workout. It's great to have something else to focus on until the new season comes around. When the new season does arrive, you can decrease the class load but still attend to help improve your skills.

Contact various hip hop classes to see what types of schedules are available. Often, you can find a schedule that works around your football needs. To get started, check out classes like Dance Lessons at The Studio School of Dance.