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Answering Basic Questions About Tattoos

Having a tattoo can be an excellent way of making a meaningful statement. However, the process of getting a tattoo is an experience that many people do not fully understand. If you are considering getting a tattoo, having a basic understanding about what you should expect fro the process of getting a tattoo will enable you to be better prepared for this meaningful experience.

How Long Will A Tattoo Take To Be Completed?

Individuals that are looking to get their first tattoo are often very concerned about the length of time that it will take for the tattoo to be completed. Unfortunately, there is no way to be completely sure about this point as it can vary greatly. In particular, you will find that the complexity and size of the tattoo as well as the skill of the artist will be critical factors. Luckily, most tattoo artists will be able to provide you with an estimate for the amount of time needed to finish the tattoo that you are wanting.

Will A Tattoo Ever Fade?

A tattoo will be a permanent change, and this makes it important for you to be completely sure about the design that you want. However, you should be aware that tattoos can be prone to fading after many years. Luckily, you can have the tattoo refilled, which will completely restore its appearance. If you are wanting to minimize the need for this maintenance, you should opt for a tattoo that has darker colors as these will tend to be the last to fade. Also, you may be able to minimize this by opting for tattoo designs that use thicker lines to enhance its definition.

How Much Pain Will You Experience While You Are Getting A Tattoo?

It can be common for some people to avoid getting a tattoo due to fears about it being an exceedingly painful procedure. While there is no way to deny that a tattoo will cause some discomfort, individuals will often greatly overestimate the amount of pain that is caused. Typically, the pain from this procedure will be similar to being slightly pricked. You can help to minimize this discomfort by taking a pain medication that does not contain aspirin. It is essential to avoid aspirin as it is a blood thinner that can cause excessive bleeding fro this procedure. If you are unsure about which medications can be safe to take, you should talk to your tattoo shop artist so that you avoid any complications.