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How Even Silly Videos Can Help Your Company

Companies looking to break into video advertising often want to make very serious and expensive videos. That's not always necessary. In fact, they may be able to make silly and fun videos that make their company stand out from their competitors. Understanding why, and how to make these videos, is a crucial part of advertising success.

Video Ads Are Highly Watched

It might be surprising to know that online customers are actually watching and enjoying online advertisements. But it's true. Some estimate that online video is viewed by as many as 92 percent of all potential B2B customers. If a company has approximately 2,000 potential B2B customers, that represents 1,840 potential buyers.

Even more surprising, about one-third of all people who watch these videos will buy the product after seeing its online ad. Breaking down the example above, the translates to about 602 people buying the product. While these numbers are obviously averages and not representative of all possible outcomes, they are quite promising.

It Can Be Very Cheap To Create

While serious and professional online videos can costs or even millions to make, silly or fun videos can cost next to nothing. Simply investing in the camera and video editing software is usually enough. These videos should try to capture a quirky or weird part of the business and show it off in a fun way. Doing this helps increase the chance of the video going viral.

Viral videos are one of the most powerful online advertising methods today. What makes viral videos so useful? They can spread to millions of people and spread a business far beyond its meager origins. Silly and quirky videos like this often capture the imagination of the public in a way that serious online advertising cannot. Making them is also fairly easy.

Video Editing Can Be Quick And Easy

Viral video needs to be quirky, easy to understand, short, and fairly upbeat and positive. Coming up with a unique concept is a major part of the battle, and once one is found and the video is shot, it needs to be edited properly. This may be the trickiest part for most people making online videos for the first time. It requires properly understanding video editing software.

For example, color correction can be used to make the video look more professional and exciting. It also needs to be encoded and prepared to be uploaded. Editing the video should make it a little punchier, editing out slow moments, highlighting the best possible takes, and creating a fast-paced and fun environment that draws in viewers.

Getting started making online video advertisements like this is a fun way to engage an audience to create an unforgettable campaign. It will require a little work, but it can be an inexpensive way to break business into the online world. Click here for more about this topic.