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Which Style Of Dance Suits You Best?

If you are an adult who is looking for a fun new hobby, you should look into dance lessons near you. Many people enjoy dance lessons as a fun way to meet people, exercise, and practice a new skill. Depending on where you live, there may be several different types of dance lessons available. Once you have mustered enough courage and decided to sign up for a class, you will need to determine which type of dancing you want to learn. Below are a few of the more common types of dance classes that are likely available in your area.


Bachata is a Spanish dance that starts out with very basic dance steps that can quickly turn into spicy flourishes. While it does require a partner, many people first learn the bachata individually. Bachata has become increasingly popular in recent years due to mainstream Latino artists using the bachata beat for their major hits. 


Ballroom is one of the more technical styles of dance. There is a very specific way that it is supposed to be performed, though novice ballroom dancers usually just do it for fun. Ballroom dancing is a great place to start if you are brand new to dancing since many of the basic steps can help you learn other disciplines. 


Hip-hop classes are usually super energetic and fun. Some people choose hip-hop dancing as a form of exercise since each class will likely burn many calories. This genre can start out easy, though advanced dancers will get into challenging moves specific footing, and potentially floorwork. If you have never danced to hip-hop before, you will want to take a beginner class. 


Jazz and country swing dancing is a fun and social style of dance. Swing is perfect for couples that are wanting to learn to dance together since it requires a partner. Advanced swing dancers will learn flips, lifts, and even throws, which is always fun to watch and experience. If you are single, many clubs and dance halls offer swing dance nights which may lead you to find that special someone. 

In conclusion, this list may be able to help you determine which style of dance will best suit your skills or the skills you want to have. No matter which style of dance you choose to learn, you will likely make new friends and have a ball learning this fun new skill. Contact a local dancing lessons class near you to learn more.